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Taxation of Real Property in New Jersey

Improper real estate assessments can result in major financial consequences. There are many reasons why you may seek counsel in real property assessment matters. Gebhardt & Kiefer offers a wealth of experience in representing municipalities, individuals, and small and large businesses at both the local Board of Taxation and the State Tax Court levels in successfully challenging real estate tax assessments. The interests of both a municipality and an individual property owner are served when an error concerning an assessment is corrected.

Successful challenges may be based on any of the following grounds:  improper valuation of real estate, discriminatory "spot assessment," improper denial of farmland assessment, improper assessment of rollback taxes, and failure to properly notify property owners of changes in assessment.

Our attorneys have a wide range of experience and familiarity with local appraisers and other assessment-related professionals. This allows us to build the best team to support a client's case when challenging a tax assessment. Our attorneys know the importance of coordinating the work of all members of the team—the property owner, the appraiser, and the attorney—in order to achieve a successful result for our clients.