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Local Government Representation

Gebhardt and Kiefer has a long history of representing numerous municipalities, planning boards, zoning boards, boards of health, municipal utilities authorities, counties, school boards, and other public entities as either General Counsel or Special Counsel. 

By drawing on this long history of government representation, staying up-to-date on current issues affecting government entities, and working collaboratively with our clients, Gebhardt & Kiefer is able to provide cost-effective and proactive legal services.  We strive to provide government entities with full service in all regards.  In addition to providing general legal advice as municipal or board attorney, Gebhardt & Kiefer is able to provide legal advice and representation in many areas, including:

  • Complex land use and environmental litigation
  • Tax appeals before local tax boards and the New Jersey Tax Court
  • Appeals to construction boards of appeal on escrow and permit matters
  • OPRA, including representation before the Government Records Council and Superior Court
  • Affordable housing issues
  • Public bidding and contract issues
  • Disputes regarding sewer capacity and water production and distribution issues
  • Highlands Act issues
  • Employment issues
  • Education law issues
  • Drafting ordinances and resolutions
  • Drafting contracts and agreements, including developer’s agreements
  • Appearances before State and local agencies, including the New Jersey Highlands Council, the Department of Community Affairs, the Local Finance Board, and the Office of Comptroller General.
  • General Litigation, including representation before the New Jersey Superior Court, the New Jersey Appellate Division, the New Jersey Supreme Court, the United States Circuit Court of Appeals for the Third Circuit, and the United States Supreme Court.

Our municipal law attorneys include Richard Cushing, Leslie Parikh, Matt Lyons, and Tara St. Angelo.

Richard Cushing, who has over 30 years’ of experience representing public entities, heads the Local Government Representation Department. Mr. Cushing is Vice President of the Institute of Local Government Attorneys and is the recipient of the Gordon D. Griffith Award for excellence in municipal law.  He has also received awards from numerous municipalities for long-time and loyal service. He has written and lectured extensively on municipal law to municipal officials and other municipal attorneys. Mr. Cushing also regularly represents municipalities, their officials, and their employees in the State and Federal courts throughout New Jersey.