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Blog Archive by Month: October 2015

Should I Sign a Prenuptial Agreement Before Getting Married?

Oct 26, 2015 | Written by: Diana N. Fredericks, Esq. |

While premarital agreements can be welcome and useful, before signing one you should consult with an attorney who practices family law and is readily familiar with these types of agreements in your...

If I Start Dating While I'm Separated, Can It Affect The Outcome of My Divorce and Child Custody?

Oct 15, 2015 | Written by: William J. Rudnik, Esq. |

In New Jersey, fault is typically an irrelevant factor in a divorce, although there are certain exceptions with regard to financial fault or issues relating to the custody and care of children. If a...

Protecting Your Company From Harassment & Discrimination Lawsuits

Oct 13, 2015 | Written by: Deborah B. Rosenthal, Esq. |

In Hobson v. Tremmel, the court dismissed the plaintiff’s complaint against her employer for discrimination. Her complaint alleged a hostile work environment, sexual harassment and retaliation....

Critical Checklist for Divorce Mediation

Oct 7, 2015 | Written by: Diana N. Fredericks, Esq. |

Divorce mediation can be an excellent alternative to traditional litigation in many circumstances. However, there are some important factors to consider when selecting a mediator and preparing for the...