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Top Eight Things to Know When Contemplating Divorce

Apr 23, 2013 | Written by: Diana N. Fredericks, Esq. |

  1. Protect Your Children - the children come first and should never be put in the middle of your divorce.
  2. Check your emotions at the door- cost and time are directly related to your emotions
  3. Select the Right Divorce Attorney – what to look for
  4. Prepare a Detailed Marital History – chronological facts relating to your relationship
  5. List Assets, Liabilities & Spending Habits– what kind of lifestyle did you live?
  6. Summarize Your Education/Earnings & Employment Histories
  7. List Your Goals - Wish List & Bottom Line
  8. Gather Information & Documents – tax returns, loan applications, bank statements, spending records, retirement account statements, deeds and mortgages.