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Blog Archive by Month: December 2017

Five Mistakes Commonly Made by Parents in Custody and Divorce Cases

Dec 8, 2017 | Written by: Diana N. Fredericks, Esq. |

Custody & parenting time disputes are often the costliest, emotionally and financially.  Unlike an asset, which has a specific value (or a discernible value, even if you cannot agree), children...

Tax Court Upholds Assessment Where Plaintiff’s Appraiser Fails to Verify Comparable Sales Data

Dec 6, 2017 | Written by: Tara A. St. Angelo, Esq. |

The Tax Court recently held that an appraiser must verify the data associated with comparable sales used in an appraisal report in order to provide reliable evidence of fair market value of a property...

Gebhardt & Kiefer Successfully Defends Privacy Interests of Municipal Employee in OPRA Payroll Records Lawsuit

Dec 5, 2017 | Written by: Tara A. St. Angelo, Esq. |

On November 17, 2017, the Appellate Division issued its decision in favor of Gebhardt & Kiefer’s client, the Borough of Washington.  Tara St. Angelo, Esq. argued the appeal on behalf of...