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DWI Defense

Defending You in New Jersey Municipal Courts

Our attorneys have experience in all municipal court matters and provide insightful legal analysis as well as practical advice to our clients.

Pleading guilty to a DWI or even a traffic ticket for speeding or careless driving in New Jersey can be a costly mistake. Before you do anything, you should discuss your case with an experienced defense attorney.

The attorneys of Gebhardt & Kiefer, P.C., offer a free initial consultation by phone or in person to discuss the consequences you may face with a guilty plea. Our lawyers aggressively defend clients in municipal courts throughout central and northwestern New Jersey.

New Jersey DWI Defense

Drunk driving and failure to take a breathalyzer test are extremely serious charges that can lead to loss of your driver's license, surcharges, points, fines, and possibly jail time. A guilty plea to a DWI charge can also cost you thousands of dollars in insurance company surcharges.

Loss of your driver's license is not only an extreme burden but can also lead to loss of employment. For most people, the question is not whether you can afford to hire a DWI defense lawyer. The question is whether you can afford not to.

New Jersey Traffic Tickets

In the past, if someone received a traffic ticket for speeding or careless driving, the most economical choice was to simply plead guilty and mail in the fine. However, if you take this course, you could receive an unpleasant surprise with your next insurance bill.

Many traffic tickets carry points that can result in surcharges by your insurance company. If you lose enough points, you can even face suspension of your driver's license. With the assistance of our lawyers, you may be able to avoid those points, reduce or eliminate fines, and protect your driver's license.

Experienced Representation

Our Municipal Court attorneys include Robert Ward and William Rudnik.  They have experience in prosecuting cases as well as representing individuals.  They have negotiated and tried numerous cases, saving individuals thousands of dollars in fines and surcharges, and protecting driving records from points.

Free DWI and Traffic Ticket Defense Consultation

For more information to set up a DWI or traffic ticket defense consultation with a lawyer at Gebhardt & Kiefer, P.C., call 908-735-5161 or fill out the contact form on this site.  Our firm serves clients throughout central and northwestern New Jersey.