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New Jersey Increases Bid Threshold Effective July 1, 2015

July 29th, 2015 | Written by Tara A. St. Angelo, Esq.

The Division of Local Government Services (DLGS) recently announced bid threshold increases that will impact the award of public contracts by New Jersey public entities.

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The Negotiability of Temporary Layoffs of Public Employees During Times of Economic Distress

July 28th, 2015 | Written by Tara A. St. Angelo, Esq.

The New Jersey Supreme Court’s recently issued opinion in IMO Borough of Keyport v. Local 68, A-43/4-13 may eliminate the need for municipalities to negotiate temporary layoffs with union representatives in times of economic distress.  However, I stress the word may, as the long-term effect of this decision outside the specific facts of the case remains to be seen.  This case may represent a shift in the way the Court and the Public Employment Relations Commission (PERC) look at temporary layoffs during times of financial distress.

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Eliminate Capital Gains Tax on Inherited Real Estate Using “Stepped-Up Basis”

July 22nd, 2015 | Written by Lori K. MacWilliam, Esq.

Some people are unaware of the advantages of the IRS allowance for “stepped-up basis” for real property. If grown children inherit the home in which they grew up, and in which their parents have lived  for many years, the home has probably appreciated in value quite a bit. That could mean significant capital gains for the children.  But the good news is that this gain, no matter how much, would be erased as a result of “stepped-up-basis at death” allowances.

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Why Family Law Cases Settle

July 21st, 2015 | Written by William W. Goodwin, Jr., Esq.

When members of the public think about divorce cases, they often visualize dramatic trials with testimony describing love affairs and other tawdry details. The reality is that this seldom, if ever, happens. There are two separate, but somewhat related, reasons for this phenomenon.

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How the DOL’s Proposals For Exemptions to Overtime May Affect Your Business

July 20th, 2015 | Written by Deborah B. Rosenthal, Esq.

Under current Department of Labor (DOL) regulations, employees who are called “managers” are exempt from overtime if they make more than $455 a week or $23,660 per year, even if they perform routine, non-managerial tasks. On June 29, 2015, President Obama announced that he wants to double that threshold to $970/ week, or $50,440 per year, in 2016.

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Is Drug Use During Pregnancy Considered Abuse and Neglect in NJ?

July 9th, 2015 | Written by Diana N. Fredericks, Esq.

Not every instance of drug use by a parent during pregnancy, standing alone, will substantiate a finding of abuse and neglect in light of the specific language of the New Jersey statute. New Jersey has not joined those states whose laws treat prenatal drug use as per se child abuse. 

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Can I Receive Spousal Support Before My Divorce Is Final?

July 2nd, 2015 | Written by William J. Rudnik, Esq.

Clients often ask if they can receive spousal support before a divorce is final, and, if so, if they must go to court to get it. The answer to the first part of that question is can receive spousal support before your divorce is final.

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